Theme Park Videos

The online video directories are packed full of theme park videos. Why? Well, people have been seeking out fun and excitement since the beginning of time and for many of them, if they aren’t enjoying a trip to a theme park, they’re planning their next trip.

For some it’s the thrill of riding the fastest, highest, scariest roller coasters, while for others it’s simply the magical feeling that theme parks seem to have about them. Happy smiley faces, excited children and the rush of adrenaline are all theme park norms.

Theme parks differ from amusement parks in that they are usually based around a specific theme (hence the name) so all the rides and attractions will be related to that topic (however loosely). The larger theme parks are divided into different sections (often called “lands”) with each based around smaller themes within the larger one.  For example, Walt Disney World is actually 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom) each with a different focus. And within those are different areas related to their main focal point (Fantasy, Technological Advancement, Movies and Animals).

There are a multitude of theme parks around the world: some owned by corporations, others family-owned; some on a mammoth scale and others really quite small.

We’ll be featuring theme park videos from all different kinds of parks, as well as amusement park and roller coaster videos.

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