Theme Park Ride Videos

Who doesn’t enjoy theme park ride videos? There’s something infectious about watching other people enjoying themselves at a theme park as they¬†scream, laugh and cry on different rides.

The funny thing about many theme park rides is they are  really short Рa quick thrill! They usually involve a great big build up (queuing, settling in, the first steep climb of the roller coaster) for what is essentially a short burst of enjoyment. Yet, people love them and return again and again.

This video is no exception. The process of settling into the cart, securing her in, and pulling the cart backwards up the slope, all seem excessive for the final few seconds of the ride “proper” but her laughs and screeches make it clear she loved every moment of it.

I guess the build up is as important as the theme park ride itself, for building the nervous excitement and increasing the adrenaline rush.

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