Disney World Fantasyland Expansion

I was at Disney World last year and went on Dumbo a couple of time with my kids to peak over the wall at the construction that had started to expand Fantasyland. There wasn’t enough going on at the time to really imagine what it would look like but it just so happens that Disney released a time lapse video so everyone can see how such an incredible project is coming together. Take a look and take a guess at how many people rode Dumbo while this was happening 🙂

6 thoughts on “Disney World Fantasyland Expansion

  1. A small section of the new “Storybook Circus” is up and running, including the new Dumbo ride and a new station for the steam train that circles the park. There are peanut shells in the sidewalk and a new Barnstormer kid-friendly roller coaster. Not sure when everything else will be ready.

  2. Oh this is so cool!!! Does anyone know if there are going to be seperate tickets sold for this fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World?

  3. This is a fabulous new expansion! It looks like they’ve added a lot since the last time I’ve been to Walt Disney World which was over 15 years ago. That’s great and I can’t wait to take my kids there!

  4. This new Fantasyland definitely looks like quite the new addition. I’d definitely take my kids there if I get the chance before they’re grown.

  5. I’m looking forward to my next trip to Florida. At least I’m assuming this the D.W. that is in Florida? If so, I would want to take my kids there.

  6. Time-lapse pictures or video is always so cool. I enjoyed this presentation. I don’t have kids yet but maybe my friends and me would still go if they allow single adults.

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