Thorpe Park Theme Park Rides 2010

My friends have just been to Thorpe Park in the UK for a birthday day out and had a fantastic time. I haven’t been there in years so I searched out a recent video to show you the theme park rides on offer there for 2010.

Thorpe Park was always considered a bit tame compared to Alton Towers but it has improved over the years. Not sure it qualifies as the “Thrill Capital” as stated at the beginning of the video but it definitely has a good selection of exciting looking theme park rides.

Going to have to take a trip there soon.

2 thoughts on “Thorpe Park Theme Park Rides 2010

  1. I wouldn’t mind riding some of the drop roller coasters shown in this video. It’s nice also that they seem to have fun for all age groups.

  2. I might be up for it, as these are at least not the fastest or highest roller coasters I would assume. I’m getting a bit older but I think I’m still somewhat young enough for some adventure. LOL

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