Silverwood Theme Park Rides

Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho is the largest theme park in the Northwest USA and features over 65 rides and a Water Park.  Some of the Silverwood theme park rides you can enjoy include 4 roller coasters in an area of the park called Roller Coaster Alley – Tremors, Timber Terror, Aftershock and Corkscrew – along with Panic Plunge, which is a 140 foot free fall tower that drops riders down at 47mph.

This video shows a great POV experience of the most recent coaster at Silverwood – Aftershock:

2 thoughts on “Silverwood Theme Park Rides

  1. That Aftershock roller coaster looks fun. I also like the idea of going to a theme park that has a variety of rides, including water rides (which I know a majority of them have).

  2. I don’t have children yet, but I do agree. I would rather pay money to go to a place that has a variety of rides. That way, I can experience a little bit of each kind of excitement.

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