Port Aventura Theme Park Rides

Port Aventura in Salou, Spain (about an hour out of Barcelona is one of Europe’s premier theme parks and a “must visit” for any European theme park fan. The most thrilling of the Port Aventura theme park rides include Furius Baco (0 to 135 kmph in 3 seconds), Stampida, and Dragon Khan (8 loops at 110 kmph).

This pov video shows Dragon Khan in action [warning: the girl has a high pitched scream – you might want to turn the volume down a bit]:

The rides at Port Aventura are classed as children’s, soft, moderate and high, with the 3 mentioned earlier all fitting into the final category along with Hurakan Condor – a free fall ride that drops you almost 100m.

One thought on “Port Aventura Theme Park Rides

  1. It looks like the coaster has barely enough power to get up that huge climb. I bet the way down is a blast, though at least for the younger people who are barely old enough to ride. The twist looks fun.

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