Toy Roller Coaster Videos

I love toy roller coaster videos like this one. It’s amazing what you can now build yourself from a kit (although “toy” may be an understatement for these):

If you’d like to build your own roller coaster, I’ve added a few of the best kits you can buy on this page.

Not quite the adrenaline rush you would get from the real thing but the thrill and satisfaction of building these and seeing them run is pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Toy Roller Coaster Videos

  1. That’s impressive. This is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this. It’s almost even more exciting than a toy train setup-almost but not quite. LOL

  2. That toy coaster model is awesome! I couldn’t tell if there was some people in there or not. I would want to set it up to make it look like a real theme park station, with people standing in line, cotton candy, soda, and the works.

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