Roller Coaster Movies

I was trying to think of roller coaster movies, or at least films or TV shows that feature roller coaster quite heavily.

One that comes to mind immediately is a CSI episode where there is a roller coaster accident. Of course, one of the things that is revealed fairly early on about the character Grissom is that he loves to ride the coasters.

Then there is the 70s disaster movie entitled Roller Coaster. I never saw the film in the cinema (I was only 5) where it was shown in Sensurround which caused the audience seats to vibrate during the important ride scenes. I do remember it being a typical disaster movie that was typical of the 1970s and was watchable but not particularly good (see the video below)

Finally, another movie that springs to mind immediately is Final Destination 3, where the initial accident takes place on a roller coaster.

Any other favorites you can think of?

Update: Just discovered another one, also called Roller Coaster. I have now created a store to feature these Roller Coaster Movies and TV Shows – I will add to it as I come across more.

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