Hershey Park Roller Coaster Videos

Hershey Park in Hershey, PA combines 2 of my major passions: roller coasters and chocolate, so it already sounds like a great place to me. But what about the Hershey Park roller coaster videos?

Hershey Park has 11 roller coasters, including the boomerang style Sidewinder seen in the video above. This is a high speed rides that propels you forward through 3 loops and then, after a brief respite, back again to the beginning.

In this video of the Lightening Racer roller coaster (a double track wooden coaster) you get a really great view of the extent of the track involved in some of these rides:

Other roller coasters at Hershey Park include Sooperdooperlooper, Storm Runner and Wild Mouse.

One thought on “Hershey Park Roller Coaster Videos

  1. The roller coasters with the steep drop are always the most fun, at least to me-at least in my younger days. 🙂

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