Old Theme Park Rides

Sometimes old theme park rides can be the most enjoyable (and scary). Wooden roller coasters have a unique sound that clunks and rattles and leaves you feeling less than comfortable about the safety of the ride.

Of course, any roller coaster operating today (even after decades)¬†is subject to the same strict regulations, but it’s the impression of being less safe that adds to the thrill.

Old theme park rides move differently from their more modern counterparts too. Both will jolt you around but in modern roller coasters that’s usually due to the sheer acrobatics of the ride moving through loops and twists. On older rides the jolts are perhaps more predictable for the rider but are like driving an older car where you feel every bump in the road!

Port Aventura Theme Park Rides

Port Aventura in Salou, Spain (about an hour out of Barcelona is one of Europe’s premier theme parks and a “must visit” for any European theme park fan. The most thrilling of the Port Aventura theme park rides include Furius Baco (0 to 135 kmph in 3 seconds), Stampida, and Dragon Khan (8 loops at 110 kmph).

This pov video shows Dragon Khan in action [warning: the girl has a high pitched scream – you might want to turn the volume down a bit]:

The rides at Port Aventura are classed as children’s, soft, moderate and high, with the 3 mentioned earlier all fitting into the final category along with Hurakan Condor – a free fall ride that drops you almost 100m.

Roller Coaster Videos POV

If you’ve been browsing Youtube for videos of theme park rides, you may be wondering what roller coaster videos pov means. POV stands for point of view i.e. you are seeing what the rider is seeing and, in my opionion, the best videos of rides are those taken from a pov perspective.

It can be really tempting to take videos of your face (and those of your friends) when you are on a roller coaster – and for you and your friends they will probably be really amusing videos. But if you plan on showing these videos to others and sharing them on YouTube then most people will not want to watch strangers screaming and pulling faces for 3 minutes.

The pov video gives the viewer a really good feel of the ride and how exciting it is. It doesn’t quite match actually being on the ride but it is the best alternative to being there.

Take a look at this short pov video of the Top Thrill Dragster ride at Cedar Point – isn’t this much more exciting that watching the riders faces?

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Extreme Theme Park Rides

There are too many extreme theme park rides to name in this one post but I was looking at some videos from Cedar Point in Ohio and realized they have a high proportion of truly extreme rides including Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force.

This video shows Maverick which launches at 70mph, has a vertical drop of 95 degrees and includes a twisted horseshoe roll:

Millennium Force at Cedar Point is possibly even more extreme with a 93mph, 80 degree drop and reaching heights of 320mph – not one for those of you who hate heights:

Regardless of which one is the scariest (let me know which you prefer) a trip to Cedar Point based in Sandusky, Ohio, is worth a trip for any roller coaster or theme park enthusiast with its range of excellent rides.

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Walt Disney World iPhone App

There are some cool iPhone apps available and this one caught my eye as perfect for lovers of theme parks. It’s the Walt Disney World iPhone App (not an official Disney app) from Undercover Tourist and gives you all the information you’ll need when visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, including:

  • wait times for rides
  • interactive maps
  • opening hours
  • parade times
  • Traffic Light System to choose the best park and ride with the lowest crowds

It’s already the no.1 paid Travel App in iTunes.

Click here to find out more about the Walt Disney World iPhone App from Undercover Tourist

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