Silverwood Theme Park Rides

Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho is the largest theme park in the Northwest USA and features over 65 rides and a Water Park.  Some of the Silverwood theme park rides you can enjoy include 4 roller coasters in an area of the park called Roller Coaster Alley – Tremors, Timber Terror, Aftershock and Corkscrew – along with Panic Plunge, which is a 140 foot free fall tower that drops riders down at 47mph.

This video shows a great POV experience of the most recent coaster at Silverwood – Aftershock:

Funny Rollercoaster Videos

I’m always on the lookout for more funny rollercoaster videos and I just came across this one on YouTube.

This was taken on the SAW ride at Thorpe Park in the UK:

The faces this guy is pulling are hilarious. His girlfriend seems to look quite serene through most of it (except when she’s laughing at him) but his face is all over the place.

Yet again, he’s trying to act all cool at the beginning and end – but it’s too late….it’s all on camera!

Latest Theme Park Videos and News Around the Net – May 27, 2010

Hershey Park Roller Coaster Videos

Hershey Park in Hershey, PA combines 2 of my major passions: roller coasters and chocolate, so it already sounds like a great place to me. But what about the Hershey Park roller coaster videos?

Hershey Park has 11 roller coasters, including the boomerang style Sidewinder seen in the video above. This is a high speed rides that propels you forward through 3 loops and then, after a brief respite, back again to the beginning.

In this video of the Lightening Racer roller coaster (a double track wooden coaster) you get a really great view of the extent of the track involved in some of these rides:

Other roller coasters at Hershey Park include Sooperdooperlooper, Storm Runner and Wild Mouse.

Opryland Theme Park Rides

The Opryland theme park in Nashville began life in 1972 and stayed open until 1997 when it was closed somewhat unexpectedly to make room for a new shopping mall. Originally billed as the “Home of American Music” the park was limited by its location and couldn’t expand to add new attractions. Before its closure the Opryland theme park rides included The Hangman, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Chaos, Wabash Cannonball and many more, as you can see in this video:

According to Wikipedia, all the large roller coasters and rides were sold to Premier Parks and while a couple of them (Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and The Hangman) ended up being re-purposed for Six Flags parks in the USA, many are believed to have rotted and rusted in a field in Indiana.

A sad end after so many happy memories 🙁

Latest Theme Park Videos and News Around the Net – May 20, 2010

New Theme Park Rides

With yesterday’s talk of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I thought I’d take a look at some of the other new theme park rides you can enjoy this year.

Carowinds, which is situated in both North and South Carolina, introduces Intimidator, a roller coaster inspired by NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt. Billed as the tallest, fastest AND longest roller coaster in the South-East, it promises to be an extreme ride with some steep, high drops and amazing speeds.

On a similar bend, Kings Dominion, Virginia has the Intimidator 305, also inspired by Earnhardt and billed as the “tallest and fastest gravity driven roller coaster on the East Coast”!

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, NJ launches its 10th season with a new water ride called The Tornado, which features a 60 foot high, 135 foot long vortex tunnel.

The Stratophere in Vegas is adding another attraction to its tower with Skyjump, which allows people to jump from the tower (to a platform below).

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia is celebrating its 35th birthday with Europe in the Air – a simiulator that takes riders flying over some of the great sites of Europe.

Moving out of the USA, a whole new theme park is opening later this year in Abu Dhabi, with the first Ferrari themed park, promising to bring the Ferrari brand to life and including the world’s fastest roller coaster – Formula Rossa – reaching speeds of up to 240 km/hr.

And in the UK, at Alton Towers the new Th13teen ride, featuring the world’s first freefall drop, is proving to be such a shock for some riders that they have started having to hand out free underwear due to some unfortunate accidents. Ride that one at your peril!

Harry Potter Theme Park Rides

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is finally set to have its grand opening on June 18, 2010. Built within Universal Resort Orlando, there have been a number of delays (even those who have enjoyed a preview have found the site still under construction), $200 million spent and all involved remaining tight-lipped about the park’s secrets.

Now that the park is finally being revealed (instead of cgi mockups of what to expect), the Harry Potter theme park rides you can expect include: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey; the Dragon Challenge Roller Coaster (based on the Triwizard Tournament); and, for the younger fans, The Flight of the Hippogriff.

The Forbidden Journey promises to be a great event from start to finish, with the queue for the ride (expected to be a long one) taking you through parts of Hogwarts and meeting some of the book’s characters, and then the ride itself involves a flying adventure with Harry, Hermione and Ron.

Designers from the Harry Potter movies have played a huge part in the design of the theme park, and of course JK Rowling has maintained much of the creative control she has held over the Harry Potter brand.

Chessington Theme Park Rides

Chessington World of Adventures is based in Surrey in the UK and so is well placed for a day out if you are in the London area. The Chessington theme park rides aren’t among the scariest in the UK but the park does has something for all the family.

Teenagers and adults will enjoy Vampire (see video), Dragon’s Fury, and the new KOBRA, while young teens and older kids can ride Rattlesnake, Dragon Falls and Black Buccaneer. Much younger children have a choice of rides like Canopy Capers, Berry Bouncers and Flying Jumbos.

Chessington is unlikely to satisfy the real thrill seeker but if you’re looking for a place where all ages can enjoy theme park rides it’s a great choice for a day out.

Queensland Theme Park Rides

Queensland has a host of theme parks to choose from, especially on the Gold Coast, which is known as the Theme Park Capital of the Southern Hemisphere.  So, if you’re looking for the best Queensland theme park rides the Gold Coast is a good place to start.

Dreamworld has the Big Six Thrill Rides – Giant Drop, Tower of Terror, Cyclone Rollercoaster, Wipeout, the Claw and Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster – or for the children there’s Nick Central and Wiggles World with Spongebob Flypants, the Big Red Car and the Runaway Reptar Roller Coaster.

Other theme parks include Warner Bros. Movie World, Whitewater World, Sea World (FYI, I was once kissed by a giant sealion  at Sea World, Queensland), and Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World, all with some great rides.