Theme Park Ride Videos

Who doesn’t enjoy theme park ride videos? There’s something infectious about watching other people enjoying themselves at a theme park as they scream, laugh and cry on different rides.

The funny thing about many theme park rides is they are  really short – a quick thrill! They usually involve a great big build up (queuing, settling in, the first steep climb of the roller coaster) for what is essentially a short burst of enjoyment. Yet, people love them and return again and again.

This video is no exception. The process of settling into the cart, securing her in, and pulling the cart backwards up the slope, all seem excessive for the final few seconds of the ride “proper” but her laughs and screeches make it clear she loved every moment of it.

I guess the build up is as important as the theme park ride itself, for building the nervous excitement and increasing the adrenaline rush.

Th13teen Theme Park Video

Take a look at this Th13teen theme park video. It’s the new ride at . Initially it looks like just another roller coaster but then the free fall element does give it a bit of an edge.

There’s already quite a few videos of this online, even though it’s so new and I’ll feature some more in future posts. Hopefully, I’ll take a trip to Alton Towers later this year – I’ll let you know what I think! 🙂

Theme Park Accidents Videos

OK, if you’re here looking for theme park accidents videos then you are truly gruesome.

Unfortunately, every now and again theme park accidents do happen, but they are rare and any reputable theme park has endless safety measures in place.

My friend used to work at Alton Towers in the UK, and he once explained how many safety checks were done daily, how often maintenance was done, and h0w they had contingency plans for just about anything that could go wrong. In fact, they regularly had safety sessions where staff would volunteer to get stuck on different rides and be rescued…just in case. It definitely put my mind at rest every time I visited the park.

So, if you’re heading to a theme park and worried about the rides, stop panicking! You’re more likely to get knocked over by a car than have an accident on a roller coaster.

But, if you are looking for a gruesome video, well here it is. It’s from a ride in China and it isn’t pleasant because kids get seriously hurt, so if you have a weak stomach, don’t watch (you have been warned).

Disney Theme Park Videos

There are hundreds – actually more like thousands – of Disney theme park videos online. Just about everybody who visits Disney takes a camera and for many that is now a video camera because they are so cheap to buy and easy to use. Gone are the days when creating video meant lugging a huge camera around plus a bag of accessories.

As well as home videos of Disney theme parks, there are also Disney’s own videos… and Disney are masters at selling their parks through video – making everything look fun, exciting, breath taking and colorful. Who wouldn’t want to visit?

The Disney theme park video below shows Animal Kingdom which, like all of Disney’s parks, seems to have something for all the family.

Universal Studios Theme Parks Videos

Want to experience theme parks videos from Universal Studios? How about taking a ride on Hulk, Islands of Adventure?

Universal Studios 2009, nose down on the Hulk
Creative Commons License photo credit: divemasterking2000

I’m always amazed how anyone keeps hold of their camera during a ride like this but you definitely experience this ride along with the film maker.

Hulk does have a reputation for breaking down a fair bit, so I hope it’s working when you’re next there.

Theme Park Videos

The online video directories are packed full of theme park videos. Why? Well, people have been seeking out fun and excitement since the beginning of time and for many of them, if they aren’t enjoying a trip to a theme park, they’re planning their next trip.

For some it’s the thrill of riding the fastest, highest, scariest roller coasters, while for others it’s simply the magical feeling that theme parks seem to have about them. Happy smiley faces, excited children and the rush of adrenaline are all theme park norms.

Theme parks differ from amusement parks in that they are usually based around a specific theme (hence the name) so all the rides and attractions will be related to that topic (however loosely). The larger theme parks are divided into different sections (often called “lands”) with each based around smaller themes within the larger one.  For example, Walt Disney World is actually 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom) each with a different focus. And within those are different areas related to their main focal point (Fantasy, Technological Advancement, Movies and Animals).

There are a multitude of theme parks around the world: some owned by corporations, others family-owned; some on a mammoth scale and others really quite small.

We’ll be featuring theme park videos from all different kinds of parks, as well as amusement park and roller coaster videos.